Travelling Overseas

Foods, plant products and handicrafts must be declared on destination arrival card, must provide Tonga Phytosanitary Certificates certifying that the product meets the requirements of the quarantine authority of the importing country.

Fruit fly host material will not be permitted to be exported with air passengers, such as breadfruits either cooked or fresh also fresh fruits and vegetables, unless you have the correct documentation.


Prohibited Goods

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Honey


Other Prohibited Goods

  • All live animals, pets, birds, bird eggs, fish and insects
  • All fresh cut flowers
  • all lei and lei materials
  • all straw packaging
  • All coral, ivory snakeskin or whale bone including ornaments, jewellery, souvenirs and handicrafts (CITES)
  • All clam, turtle and tortoise shells (CITES)


Goods that are restricted, must be Declared

  • Meat and meat products (includes fresh, cooked, dried and canned meat and shellfish)
  • Dairy, eggs, and egg products (All diary products including milk powder, butter, cheese and milk based baby foods)
  • All eggs and egg products


Nuts and Seeds

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Unpopped popcorn
  • Herbs and spices



  • Cuttings, bulbs, corms rhizomes and tubers
  • Seeds in any form including those commercially packaged


Plant Products

  • All plant material and items made from plants
  • Articles stuffed with seeds or straw
  • Items made of bamboo, cane, coconut or straw
  • Wooden articles such as drums, carvings, spears and masks


Animal Products

  • Any items made from unprocessed wool, hair, fur, skin, feathers, bone and tusks
  • Any hunting trophies or stuffed animals


Other items to declare

  • Dried fruit and vegetables
  • Noodles and rice
  • All mushrooms and fungi, fresh or dried
  • Dried flower arrangements
  • All animal equipment (used) – includes clothing, footwear, grooming and veterinary equipment, saddles, bridles and birdcages


Camping and Sports Equipments

  • All outdoor, camping and sports equipment, including hiking boots and other sporting footwear that may be contaminated with soil.


You must also declare

  • If you have been to a farm, abbatoir or meat packing house
  • Visited a forest or been hiking/camping/hunting in rural areas or parkland
  • All countries you lived in or visited over the last 30 days



Failure to make a correct declaration is likely to result¬† in an instant fine, and could result in prosecution for an offence that carries a fine or imprisonment depend what your destination country’s regulations.

Please declare anything you are not sure about or ask a MAFFF Quarantine Officer.